Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
1-flügelige Feuerschutztür mit Festelement
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse
Feuer- und Rauchschutzabschlüsse

Steel profile frame systems made by Novoferm

Assuring both security and convenience, indoors and out

Novoferm steel profile frame systems are the perfect solution for safe, and at the same time aesthetically sophisticated, smokeproof and fireproof seal applications. The structural characteristics of the base material allow structures that are unparalleled in terms of their filigree appearance.
In addition to the “Presto RS” system for smoke protection and the “Fuego light” system for fire protection applications in building interiors, we also offer a variant named "Unico" for use in exterior door systems.

And the best thing about it:
this system is fully recyclable thanks to its innovative thermal separation which does not contain any plastic.

Your advantages at a glance!

Smoke leakage characteristics as per DIN 18095

Fire resistance classes T30 (EI2 30) / F30 or T90 (EI2 90) / F90 as per DIN 4102

Burglar resistance as per EN V1627 up to RC 3, for certain versions

Single or double leaf smokeproof/fire resistant doors can be combined with fixed elements with any sash bar spacing up to 4.0 m (F90) or 5.0 m (F30) in height

Overhead door closer, electric opener or panic functions as per EN 179 or EN 1125 can be integrated

Need for security is professionally satisfied

High technical functionality

Excellent ability to withstand extreme continuous stress in areas with high volumes of traffic, such as railway stations or airports

Steel profile frame systems: the engineering

Tubular frame doors with special features


Installing a tubular frame door

Click on the link on the left to watch a video explaining how to install tubular frame doors. This video clearly describes the individual assembly steps in detail, using a NovoFire(R) Alu T30 (EI2 30) as an example.

Numerous other animations / videos can be found on the Novoferm YouTube channel: