Side doors

The most attractive side effect imaginable

Being choosy is quite alright when it comes to selecting an attractive door for a side entrance. Allow us to introduce: NovoPorta ISO Plus – a range of doors for sophisticated side entrances.

How come?
Well, so far, this area has always been seen as less important, as demonstrated by the use of the word “side”. But we believe there can be no elements of secondary importance in coherent architecture. Neither in terms of function, nor design. Which is precisely why we have designed the NovoPorta ISO Plus – available in a standard size of 1100 x 2100 mm or made to measure – heralding a new generation of quality side doors.

See for yourself why you no longer have to make do with less than the best.

Your advantages at a glance!

Multiple locks

Thermally separated structure guarantees exceptional heat insulation

Particularly good distortion resistance, stability and durability

Available in numerous colours and elegant design patterns

Choose a side door to suit your personal taste!

After all, a door impresses by appearance, as well!

NovoPorta ISO Plus unites exceptional engineering performance with versatile design options. A smooth metal door panel painted white is the standard and still the go-to choice for a timeless appearance. In addition, numerous RAL colours are available, as is a BiColor model featuring white on the inside and a different colour on the outside.

A wide range of glazing shapes is available to choose from. We always use 28 mm double insulated glazing – many variants incorporate safety glass as standard. The colour matching glass retaining strips are fastened with concealed screws. Opaque glass is standard; transparent glass or Mastercarré are optional. The overall quality appearance of NovoPorta ISO Plus is further enhanced by the standard aluminium handle. Handles with stainless steel finish are optionally available.

To enhance the design clarity, the standard 3-D hinges are covered with aluminium finish caps.

Engineering design