T30 fire resistant doors for outdoor use

Verified protection against the wind and weather

Novoferm has closed a gap by developing a sheet steel fire resistant door for outdoor use: Our T30-1 N2/50 fire resistant door is suitable for outdoor use – and building code tested and approved by DIBt.

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Available in BRM 625 x 1750 mm to 1350 x 2500 mm

Approved for installation in masonry, concrete and foam mortar

Properties that have been tested and verified by ift Rosenheim and EPH Dresden:

Heat transfer coefficient as per EN ISO 12567-1 UD = 1.5 W/(m²K)

Wind load class as per EN 12210.

Protection against driving rain as per EN 12208.

Air permeability as per EN 12207.

Differential climate behaviour EN 12219.

Service life of at least 15 years, subject to proper maintenance.

Regular maintenance (check for corrosion, inspect hinges and closers) is mandatory due to the strong climate influences. Owners are responsible for ensuring their doors are regularly serviced and kept in impeccable condition.

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